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Hey! Go visit the Central Illinois Tropical Aquarium Club Website
This site is currently (permanently?) under construction!!

Here are some links:
1) Aquarticles - Good basic information
2) Amazonas Magazine - Subscribe from this link!
3) Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine
4) Aquarium Fish International Magazine - Don't know if they have a website, but here is how to subscribe.
5) Pet Mountain - Pet Supplies.
6) Brine Shrimp Direct - Brine Shrimp Eggs and bulk flake food.
7) Jehmco - Fishroom and aquatic supplies.
8) Pet Fish Talk - Internet radio show about aquariums and fish - Show is no longer in production. Archives available.
9) Aquabid - eBay for fish and plants.
10) Aquaboards - Forums for discussing fishy things.
11) Aquariumfish.net - Online fish store
12) Passion For Ponds - If you need anything pond related, check out Passion for Ponds

13) Bloomington Thunder Hockey - I'm head of the Stat Crew so go check them out.
14) Bloomington Edge Indoor Football - Ditto.
15) Bloomington Flex Basketball - Ditto II.

Here is are a couple of YouTube videos I made when I first made the fishroom, and one just recently. I have 675 gallons running currently.

The Fishroom has changed a bit since I first set it up in 2011 as I have;

1) Added another rack of tanks as you walk in the door on the right. Rack holds (4) 40-Breeder tanks and has some storage on the bottom.
2) Replaced the trickle filter with a LifeGuard Fluidized Bed Filter.
3) Replaced the top greeen tote with a cattle trough made for holding water.
4) Added cabinets over the workspace with the fridge.
5) Purchased a chest freezer to keep fish food in.
6) Constructed a 4" plexiglass 8-chamber betta barracks that is behind the 20's.
7) Added a LifeGuard Ultraviolet Sterilizer.
8) Added a 1000 watt Titanium Heater w/ ETCI Controller to the lower sump.
9) Added a Hanna Instruments pH/TDS/Temp monitor.
10) Added additional 500-Watt heater bar to the sump.
11) Replaced all remaining green totes with cattle troughs
12) Began replacing fluorescent fixtures with LEDs

Click on this image to go to AquariumFish.net, the web site For People Who Love Pet Fish.